(Re-) sense myself.

Discover new things about myself.

Experience stability.

Become lively.

Stand the silence.

Reconcile with the past.

Appreciate and love myself.

Develope self-confidence.

Sense the breathing.

Learn to love the effort.

Experience relaxation consciously.

Follow your journey.


When we start to experience our physical body; the muscles, joints, bones, the movement patterns and possibilities, the beauty, we start to understand, to feel, to listen, to see…….. then, we become more and more transparent, open, stable, conscious, curious, brave…..

on the way to our own light.

Andrea Hack, May 2013


Connection Yoga – the eastern way of coaching and the western coaching

This is the approach I believe. After 14 years of Yoga experience and 15 years as CEO of the familiy business,

I connect the valuable contents of the Yoga-path and the approach of the the western coaching.

Like it is with in- and exhale, the interior and exterior way get connected harmonically. This supports the

holistic development of our personality as well as of companies sustainably.

The leadership competences like empathy, acceptance, flexibility, clarity, responsibility, mindfulness, presence,

readiness to collaborate, to fail, the ability to communicate and to be aim-oriented become visual and perceptible

with this combination, making the develpment of these more easy.

Words like discipline and perfection get a wider meaning in this context.

This leads to a more positive motivation of these two definitions.

I am fascinated by this wide open field of understanding the individual, unique personality, her potential and transformation, which arise by this integral work.  It makes me happy to realise, which amazing enrichment it is for the economy of  the private or business system to be a fully and consciously developed person ready to let shine the own light.

Yoga is not an abstract way of practicing on a mat. Yoga is connecting the interior and exterior by discovering and developing the own potentials and bring them in sensfully and consciously in all kind of systems.